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Piloting period:

April – May 2012.



interventions took place at a residential school, located in the city center of Kraków.


Description of intervention:

  • In each session the number of adolescents ranged from 15 to 22 pupils
  • 60 parents participated in the intervention.


Main Obstacles:

  • the possibility of implementing educational interventions for adolescents and their parents in one school (adolescents, parents)
  • difficulty with sessions exceeding 60 minutes (especially for parents)
  • parents faced difficultiew with active methods of educaction, eg. role-playing


Suggestions for improvement:

  • sessions should be scheduled at the beginning of the school year and dates for parent-teacher meetings should also be pre-determined (school)
  • cycle of parents education should consist of three sessions during one school year and sessions should last for one-hour maximum
  • development of educational „pocket“ materials, possible to carry with them (especially for parents )
  • allowing more individual contact and consultations with educators ( parents )
  • development of postgraduate studies or in-service training courses for teachers (local level)
  • the reduction of educational presentations and replacement with more active method of education (adolescents)


Lessons learned:

  • Promote the project idea at schools using the support of governmental administration – The Educational Office (have five branches)
  • Announce the program at the beginning of the school year and including it in the schedule of activities planned for teenagers and parents.
  • Investigate alternative methods of recruitmant of parents.